BSA Pack # 639

New Cub Scouts


 We are recruiting new Cub Scout families, let your classroom and neighbors know.  Invite them to our Pack Meeting or Den Meeting, or give them a leader's contact information.

 Join us at our monthly Thursday Pack Meeting at Foothill Ranch Elementary's MPR room! If interested in joining, contact our Membership Chair @


2017 - 2018 Pack meeting dates:

Th 9/14 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - Meet & Greet

Th 10/19 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - Halloween Fun & Games

Th 11/16 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - Potluck & Movie Night

Th 12/21 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - Annual Holiday Crafts event

Sa 1/20 7:30am-1pm by rank, FRE's MPR - Pinewood Derby Races

Th 2/15 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - Blue & Gold Cub Scout Celebration Party

Th 3/15 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - TBD

Th 4/12 @ 6:30pm, FRE's MPR - TBD

Th 5/17 @ 6:30pm, Borrego Park - Obstacle Course Fun

Th 6/7 (???) @ 6:00pm, Oso Lake - Bridging


We are accepting applications and fees to form new dens and join existing dens. There are Boy Scout applications in the "Cub Scout Pack 639" box. The box is located in the school office in the Bobcat Cabinet (immediate left once you enter the school office). Contact our Membership Chair to return the filled out form along with a pro-rated 2017 calendar year fee, check payable to Cub Scout Pack 639. We will not cash the check until the scout is placed in a den. The 2018 calendar year is projected to be $85 ($97 with the Boy's Life subscription) pending confirmation of fees from OCBSA.


2017 Cubmaster: Mike Longacre